Gobble, Gobble

Happy Turkey Day!!  We have just finished absolutely, positively ALL the painting!  The hallway and closets are complete and we are organized for a winter in the basement.  Although, it doesn't feel much like winter today.  It is about 60 degrees and sunny in Macedonia and we are ready to celebrate!  Here are some pictures of the renovation upstairs.
The outside of the house with the new addition

The great room and kitchen

One of the most exciting things about our renovation...the PANTRY!!!
Here are some pictures of our efforts downstairs and our basement apartment in the country.
Our makeshift kitchen: Notice the crutches in the back for Kevin's upcoming surgery!

Our downstairs living room

Mom and I after toasting the completion of painting

Today, we are thankful for freshly painted walls and time to enjoy this beautiful day!  Now it is time for some home brew (Kevin's specialty) and some champagne for Mom and I, and maybe a little turkey!  
I'm going to end with a picture of where we will be spending a lot of our time next spring.  The beautiful weather today makes me want to grab a glass of Pinot Gris and sit in the sun all afternoon.  Maybe in May...
This picture is for you Gary...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


House Remodel: The beginning

IT HAS BEGUN!!!  The kitchen and great room remodel is underway and I couldn't be happier.  They have put up the new walls and torn down the existing walls and enclosed the new space.  I can't believe they have made this much progress in just a few short days!  We are so thankful to have the guys working so hard on this project.
The new walls 
The existing kitchen with appliances removed

Not only is the crew hard at work, but we are, too.  We have been painting bedrooms, bathrooms, and the two basement rooms.  My mom has been amazing and has been working her tail off!  She has pulled down wallpaper, trimmed out every room, and painted two bathrooms on her own.  THANK YOU MOM!  Kevin's dad, Gary, has also been around to help with odds and ends around the house.  We have accomplished so much, but still have a lot to do in the next few days.  Thanksgiving will be a day filled with painting closets and organizing rooms, and of course turkey and apple pie (Kevin's favorite).  
Painting the master bedroom

Mom painting the master bedroom
We have moved out of our Old Market apartment and are living in the basement until the remodel is complete.  The basement 'apartment' is quite bigger than our loft and it is nice to have the extra space.  Our most exciting event in the past few days happened today in that we have internet!!!  I went through withdrawal this weekend and am so glad to be connected again.  I will post some pictures of our living space soon.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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