Random Picture Friday

Friday is here again!  Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

St. Patrick's Day at our house

After a play date we stopped for a cupcake...yum!

Kevin's cousins from Germany are in town...Stephanie with Lily.

Luke cheered on the Cyclones the past few weeks!

Lily is one smiley baby.

We made a quick trip to Ottumwa to visit my Grandma Hasley...

...and see some great friends.  Judy, Bob, and Anne planned a fun afternoon for us!

Luke had a great time with Cooper!


Random Picture Friday

Happy Friday all!  I'm playing a little bit of catch up this week.  I hope you all have a blessed weekend!  

This girl is the best.

Her first time outside in the carrier.

Luke got stuck in the mud and he didn't like it much.

Luke loves his puzzles.

It was Aunt Hillary's birthday.  These two were excited to wish her a Happy Birthday!

We have been at the park a lot lately and we love the beautiful weather!

Lily fell asleep on her play mat.  I could watch her sleep all day.

Sweet Amelia with Lily.

Mom and I out for some girl time last weekend.

They were eating Lily up.

Family Sunday Selfie.

More fun at the park.

Luke loves helping Mommy, especially when we bake his favorite pumpkin muffins.

Luke helped decorate our Easter tree from Great Grandma Hasley.  He loved the eggs.


Girl's Weekend

A few weekends back my best friends from high school came to the Trail for a girl's weekend.  We haven't all been together for a few years and it was absolutely incredible to spend an uninterrupted two days with them.  We basically hung around the house all weekend and played with the kiddos.  It was perfect.  Hopefully this will become an annual thing (hint, hint).


Lily Jo is 4 months

Our little girl is growing like a weed.  She is four months old and we love her to pieces.  Here is what Lily Jo has been up to this past month...

  • Lily still enjoys mealtime.  She nurses during the day and takes one bottle before she goes to bed.  The past few nights we have mixed in an ounce of formula with the breast milk, as I am unable to keep up with this big eater!
  • Lily loves to sit in her bouncer and lay on her play mat.  She works hard to get the ring on her play mat in her mouth and kicks her legs in excitement when she nabs one.  She has also sat in the Bumbo a few times and doesn't mind it.
  • Lily loves the books Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Busy Spider.  These were some of Luke's favorites as well.  
  • Sleep is one of Lily's favorite things.  She takes two good naps during the day and another mini nap in the late afternoon.  At night she is getting up once to eat and a few other times for her pacifier.  We know a full night's sleep is on the horizon!
  • When Daddy gets home, Lily loves going on 'pony rides' on his knee.  She opens her mouth wide with excitement as she bounces up and down.
  • Our baby girl still spits up quite a bit after each meal.  We use swaddling blankets to protect ourselves from the inevitable.  
  • Lily is pretty good at sleeping in the car, but once the car is stopped, her eyes are wide open and she is ready to play.
  • We tried out the infant Baby Bjorn the other day for a walk and she wasn't the biggest fan.  We will try again another day.
  • Lily's eyes follow her big brother around all day.  She loves watching him play!
  • At her four month well visit, Lily weighed in at 13 pounds 5 ounces (30%), was 24 inches long (47%), and her head circumference was 42 centimeters (89%).  She was a rock star when it came to her shots, which made me really happy.

Lily's (amateur) 4 month pictures

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