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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching as well as the holiday season.  (Or are we already smack dab in the middle of it?)  Whether you are listening to Christmas music today or you are a firm believer of getting through Turkey day first...the first link is a good read to prepare yourself for the season. Enjoy!

A Gentle Warrior's Guide to Embracing the Holidays

We Are Broke in our Busyness

Small Step No. 15: You Doing You

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris


Lily is three

Our only girl is three today.  Our Lily Jo has made us laugh until we cry, cry until we cry some more, and smirk and smile at her antics.  She is loving and lovable, fiery and fearless, beautiful and (almost always) barelegged, sincere and silly.  She is our girlish red-headed middle child and fits all the stereotypes to go with those designations.

Photo by Ashley Otte Photography
We absolutely love her more than we can say and our family would not be complete without her free spirit and bright disposition.  Our Lily girl is getting bigger and smarter and lovelier everyday.  

Lily has started loving all the princesses.  Ariel is her favorite, but she loves reading and talking about them all.  She received some princesses for her birthday and hasn't put them down since.  

There are either screams of glee or screams of agony (almost always Lily's) when Luke and Lily play together.  They are best friends, rivals, siblings, and love to play together except when one of them does something to completely upset the other.  But, when they are playing together harmoniously, it's as if an angelic song is drifting through the halls of our home. 

Lily moved into a big girl bed about a month and a half ago and she is loving it.  She loves the freedom it brings to squish every single stuffed toy or doll she has into her bed as well as a flashlight, books, socks, and Jude's pacifiers.  She also loves that Daddy and Mommy can cuddle with her in her bed at night.  (We love this, too.)

Jude is a fun playmate for Lily.  She loves to speak to him in her squeaky-talking-to-a-baby-voice.  She also loves to 'tackle' him (help me, Jesus) and chase him around the house.  Thankfully, Jude usually is happy with excitement.

Lily loves books like her big brother.  Her favorites at the moment are: Minnie Mouse anything, Disney Princess anything, Dinosaur Farm, Big and Little, and The Magic Tree House series on audiobook.

Twinning with my daughter is not something I thought I would be into as a mom, but I am so so in.  Lily loves to dress like me and, I'll be honest, I'm soaking it in as much as possible.  It's one of the only ways I get her to wear what I want her to wear.  She has a strong opinion these days, unless of course, she is matching me. 

Sometimes it feels as if we have a teenager in our home.  Lily's emotions run high and deep and wide.  She can grow happy or sad or mad at the drop of a pink marker to the floor.  Mommy and Daddy are learning patience and deep breathing techniques and how to talk her back down to earth.

Lily has gone back and forth between what foods she prefers.  Right now her favorites are salad with croutons, cottage cheese, goldfish, dried cranberries, over easy eggs, strawberries and raspberries, bacon, smoothies, steak, and M&Ms.  

Lily still loves to care for her baby dolls.  She has a baby boy and a baby girl that each go by that name (Baby Boy and Baby Girl).  She will take them on walks in her stroller, change their diapers, feed them, and ask Mommy to dress them. 

Lily girl's smile lights up our home and I am so thankful God picked her for our family.


Here is a walk down memory lane with my beautiful girl.

Happy Birthday sweet girl of mine!

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