Random Picture Friday

Happy Halloween weekend!  Although this isn't my favorite holiday, I sure enjoy dressing my kiddos up once a year.  Here are some pictures from this past week...have a fun and safe Halloween!

Our tool man

 Pinterest fail

She is on the move.

Everyday moment.

Combine riding

Sunday night shenanigans

Kevin and Luke were in Cassie and Eric Beedle's wedding last weekend.  Aren't they dapper?

These moments are rare.  I was sitting in the backseat on the way home from church and this little lady fell asleep holding my hand.

Kevin took a day off for us to all explore Vala's Pumpkin Patch together.

Some everyday happenings.

This girl

We made a trip to Barnes and Noble this week after doctor's appointments.  It might be Luke's favorite store EVER.

Luke helped me make some pumpkin cut out cookies.  He kept on telling me: 'Oh, mommy!  You're making a mess.'  He may not look like me, but he is surely my child.

One of my favorites from the week


Tot School: Letter A {35 months}

We're trying it again, people.  This Tot School thing.  Fall and winter are a lot slower around here with not much outside work to do.  I am hopeful we can be consistent with Luke learning his letters and numbers this winter.

We started out with Letter A, although he is pretty familiar with it already.  It was a good confidence booster for him and I am hoping it will jumpstart us back into Tot School.  Here is what Luke was up to this week:

Letter A

Activity:  I introduced the verse of the week and we found and put up some magnetic letter As.  Luke was a bit disappointed when there were no more As to be found.  

Resource: Letter A Bible Verse

Activity:  Luke practiced getting ready to write the letter A.  His fine motor skills are coming along, but he still needs lots and lots of practice.

Resource: Getting Ready for Letter A

Activity:  I cut an apple in half and Luke painted with an apple on the letter A.

Resource: Printable Letter A

Activity:  Luke traced the letter A.  This was HARD for him.  We did 'hand over hand' for most of the sheet where I placed my hand on his while he traced.  He wanted his name written on the paper and he was super excited that I wrote Luke (aka Gook) on the top of his page.

Resource: Tracing Letter A

Activity not pictured:  This week we read many ABC books as well as an A book with rhymes and songs about the letter A.  He is good at retelling stories, so he did a lot of that this week.

Resource: Little Letter A Book

Activity not pictured:  I cut out letter A vocabulary cards for Luke to use throughout the week.  He liked getting them out and lining them up and reading them.  

Resource: Letter A Vocabulary Cards

Tot School Letter A Planning Form

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Random Picture Friday

Hi all.  Another glorious weekend is upon us!  Our little man, Luke, is in a wedding this weekend along with his Daddy.  We are excited to watch them both walk down the aisle and celebrate Eric and Cassie.  Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

My mom painting our basement door...she's the best!

Luke thinking he is helping her. ;)

Enjoying an almost 80 degree day this week with a walk and a wagon ride.

Last week at Vala's...Luke was obsessed with the goats!

Isn't this the cutest?

A 'tractor' ride

They love their Daddy.

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