Why I am Ready

There are many reasons that I am so so ready to meet our son.
#1: I will know that he is safe and sound with 10 fingers and 10 toes.
#2: Kevin and I will be able to give him snuggles and kisses from the outside.
#3: I can see what our little guy looks like: if he has blonde hair like his daddy, blue eyes like his mommy, stubby toes or a long second toe, etc. etc. etc.
#4: I will be able to put shoes on again, without Kevin's help.
#5: I can put him in all the adorable little outfits our loved ones gave us that are waiting in his closet!
#6: I can be a baby hogger all I want and not feel guilty, because he is mine!
#7: Kevin will be able to read Dr. Seuss to him in person.
#8: I won't have to sleep on my side anymore!  
#9: Everyone will know his name.
#10: I will be able to love and squeeze his (hopefully chubby) legs and arms.
#11: My love of red meat will hopefully be back and I won't want to eat macaroni and cheese all the time.
#12: I will not be getting any sleep because I am taking care of our little boy, not because I have to get up to go to the bathroom every few hours.
#13: Kevin's parents will be grandparents! :)
#14: I will be able to do push-ups without my belly getting in the way.
#15: I will get to meet him and his little personality. 
#16: He will get to meet all the family and friends that have been loving him the past 9 months.
And most importantly,
#17: I will finally know what it feels like to be a mommy and feel the amazing love that a mother has for her child.


Photo of the Day: Super Sunday

This weekend has been restful.  We've watched lots of football, hung out with family, made some yummy dishes, and had a warm fire crackling in the fireplace.  Abel has enjoyed his weekend as well; basking in the warm sunlight and taking lots of puppy naps.  All that is missing is a sweet baby boy...who will join us one of these days soon.  Have a great week everyone!


Nursery: Done

The nursery is done, complete, finished, ready.  It has been mostly done for awhile, but I had Kevin make some last minute switcheroos this past weekend.  I really like how it turned out and I'm excited to bring our peanut home to a nice, comfy place of his own.  Here are some photos of Baby Forristall's nursery.

still debating cloth diapers

details from when Kevin was born

a closet full of clothes

i can't wait to rock him in that chair!


Feeling special

Yesterday was just one of those days that I felt extra special.  Kevin and I received some packages from one of my former students and her family.  They have always been so kind to Kevin and I and wanted to give Baby Forristall some gifts before his arrival (which hopefully will be soon).  Karagin, my 'old' student as we joke, picked out some adorable onesies for our little guy.  She has always been so thoughtful in everything she does and I miss seeing her and chatting with her at school.  I only hope my children will be as kind and caring as Miss Karagin. 
Not only did Kevin and I get cute outfits yesterday, but we also had the chance to have dinner with a couple from our Bible study group, Annie and Drew.  They are such an amazing couple and we love seeing them every chance we get.  They surprised us with some hospital 'must haves' and gave Kevin some of the yummy almonds he loves.    
Yesterday, as totally unexpected as it was, I felt so special.  God has been good to us and put so many amazing people in our lives that have blessed us again and again.  I can't wait for our son to meet you all!

how sweet is she?!

hospital goodies!


My Mom

My mom is a wonderful mom.  She is unselfish, loving, crazy and chatty, and, most of all, giving.  Since I am about to become a mother (that still seems impossible even though I have a basketball or baby where my belly used to be), I am reminded how blessed I am with the mother God gave me.  
This past weekend she came for a visit and completely showered me with all the love that she possibly could in those two short days.  Whenever she is around, it feels like home; crazy, loud, wonderful, cozy home.  Not only did she give me a much needed pedicure, but she chatted, encouraged, and swooned with me about the upcoming arrival of our little boy like only my mom could.  I pray that my little man knows how much I love him every little second of his life, just like I know that there is not a second that goes by that my mom is not loving me.


Best Friends

I have the very best friends.  I am blessed with some pretty incredible people in my life and sometimes I get reminded and surprised by how truly lucky I am. 
Last weekend Kevin, my mom, and I headed to Sioux City for Morningside's homecoming.  Two of my friends/teammates were getting inducted into the hall of fame at halftime and I didn't want to miss that, along with the chance to see all my friends that would be in attendance.  Our first stop was Miles, which is a Morningside bar famous for their schooners and charlie boys...yum!  We met the girls there and they all surprised me with a baby shower, right there at Miles, in the middle of the Iowa game.  I think I might be the first woman to ever have a baby shower at Miles and I think that is absolutely terrific.  We caught up with what was happening in our lives, told some college tales and ate charlie boys and cupcakes with buttercream, not whipped, icing.  
We all headed to the football game right before halftime to see Megan and Britt get announced and inducted into the hall of fame right alongside the 1957 football team.  It was cool to be there and I am so excited for these girls and their accomplishments.  They definitely deserve the honor.  
It's so amazing how all of our lives are changing: marriage, new dogs, boyfriends, new houses, babies, coaching jobs, etc.  But even though our lives are all so different, we can still sit together and laugh for hours.  That is exactly what I love about these girls and why I will take every chance I get to sit and eat and laugh with these amazing best friends.

betsy was practicing her photography skills
mom in the middle
congrats megan and britt!


Maternity Pictures

We just got our maternity pictures back and wanted to share a few with you.  Our photographer, Ashley Otte, did an amazing job and found the perfect backdrop just a few miles down the road from the trail.  Now, I just need to get some printed off and on canvas to complete the nursery!  



When you're 36 weeks pregnant and patiently waiting for your little bundle of joy to greet this world, there is only one thing to do...nest.  This is the story of my life at the moment.  I literally cannot wait for this little pumpkin to be here, so I am busying myself with stocking my freezer and pantry and making sure that everything is absolutely ready to go.  It is absolute madness.  For example, I literally just stopped typing to clean the blades on the fan in our living room because, you know, I probably won't have much time to do that after our little guy is here.  I told you, madness.
Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought a ridiculous amount of canned food.  Cream of chicken soup, spaghetti sauce, enchilada sauce, chili beans, pretty much any canned food we typically buy.

Today I made raspberry jam and cookie dough to freeze.  This is the second day in the past week I have made jam and cookie dough to freeze.  I guess I am thinking I will want homemade cookies and jam when I am up at all hours with a newborn.  I love these cookies.  They are white chocolate chip oatmeal.  I omit the pecans.  You can grab the recipe here.

i freeze them on this cookie tray for 1-2 hours, then throw them in a labeled Ziploc freezer bag
I am enjoying the nesting and getting ready for this new phase of life.  But as much as I am loving it, I am a tad bit more excited for our little boy to be here and in our arms.


Dreams of fall

I am a summer gal, always have been.  I love the hot, hot sun and everything that comes with it...swimming, margaritas on the deck (well, not this year), and that somewhat half-bronze color my skin turns from being outside.  Okay, maybe not bronze...all of my friends that are reading this are laughing because it's more of a light, light, light tan with lots of brown spots (a.k.a freckles).  I wish.  This summer was good...and hot, really hot.  As much as I love the heat, this summer made me wish and dream for fall.   Now that's it's finally here, I welcome the pretty oranges, reds, and yellows and too soon dark, cool nights.  I have never loved fall as much as I do this year.  It might also have something to do with the fact that we get to meet our little guy in about 4 weeks...


Quick Trip

Being 8 months pregnant is rather exciting because it means we get to meet our little guy in about a month.  Not only that, but we can use the 'new and expecting mothers' parking spot at Hy-Vee.  Kevin says we can use it now because it definitely looks like I'm pregnant.  We used it the other day and he was quite giddy about it.  People have also been an extra bit nice lately...offering me a chair when there is none, helping me up, getting me food, etc.  I definitely have been spoiled.  
Being 8 months pregnant also comes with a tad bit of uncomfortableness.  I have been blessed and have had an easy pregnancy thus far, but towards the end here my back hasn't been too easy on me.  Car rides aren't fun and neither is sleeping in a bed that's not mine.  This weekend we had a dilemma because it was our nephew's, Landon's, birthday and we wanted to go home and be there for it.  We decided to drive there and back, all on Saturday.  The perk in that scenario being that I could sleep in my own bed.  
We made the trip, all in one day, and I am so glad we did!  We were able to see Landon's football game, Xavier's soccer game, Mae's soccer game and, of course, attend Landon's birthday party.  Although it was a super quick trip, it was definitely worth it and my back thanked me Sunday morning for rest in my own bed.  
how sweet is jakobi, he is walking now!

landon and xavier at the fields

uncle kevin wrestling with the boys

jakobi LOVED this football

silly faces

happy birthday landon!

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