Lake Vacation

Since most kiddos in Iowa are back in school, the Forristall family decided to take advantage of the quietness that lake life has to offer during the dog days of summer.  Kevin, Luke, and I met Gary and Diane, as well as Hillary, John, and Katie at Lake Panorama for a five day family retreat.  It was the perfect mix of relaxation, boating, swimming, sunning, as well as stuffing our faces pretty much every minute of the day (okay, maybe that was just me and Katie).  Luke came home wondering why we don't open the refrigerator one hundred times a day...it was a bit of an adjustment.  

We spent the days reading, sitting by the lake, going for boat rides, and (you guessed it) eating.  Our nights were spent making yummy dinners, sitting by the fire laughing, watching Hillary put together a massive 1000 piece puzzle (she finished it, by the way), and playing the trademark Forristall family game: Cashflow.  It was nice for everyone to be together for an extended period of time.  Vacations are the best, especially with family.

Uncle Kevin was good at making Katie giggle.

Puzzle time!

This girl and her Cheerios.

Playing with Katie.

Time on the boat!

Luke's first experience driving a boat.

We spent a rainy morning exploring Panora.

He loves giving flowers to Mama...he melts my heart!

Luke enjoyed rock climbing.

Luke was a happy camper in the water.

More boat time.

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