Random Picture Friday...a little late

Better late than never...right?  I hope you all have a blessed weekend!  It's supposed to be 50 degrees here...woohoo!

Daddy and Lily snoozing.

Jill meeting little Lily, she is a natural!

Great-Aunt Gerianne snuggling Lily and playing with Luke.

Both babes and their Daddy.

We took a trip to Bass Pro to see Santa, but instead Luke just looked at everything with wheels.

Lily in her car seat.

This is what happens when I try to feed two kids at once.

He wanted his picture taken...

Sweet Baby Luke Lily

When you're out and about and you need to feed the baby...fun in the back seat. Don't worry...the car was parked in the zoo parking lot.

When I asked Luke what he wanted to see at the zoo he said 'tiger' and 'lion'.

We also had to check out the construction site.

AND I was super excited to see all the baby animals.

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