1 month

Our Lily Jo is 1 month old today.  Her sweetness has filled our days and nights and we just can't get enough.  Here is a list of Lily's memorable moments from the past month.

Lily loves sleeping in the rock in play.  She slept there her first weeks of life and has recently transitioned to sleeping in her crib (which is great for all of us!)
Lily enjoys nothing more than a good meal.  She is a great eater and has made nursing so easy.
Luke joins Lily during tummy time.  Like her big brother when he was a baby, Lily has rolled over a few times when she is working on holding her head up. (Kevin says it is the gravitational pull from having big heads...anyways...)
Lily will take a pacifier during nap times and when she gets a bit upset.
Lily falls asleep as soon as we hit Highway 92 in the car.  She isn't a big fan of her car seat at first, but gets used to it after a bumpy ride down our gravel road.


  1. She is just perfect Vanessa! I love reading about her first month!!


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