Our Lily is 2 months

Our Lily Jo has been in our lives for two months, although, somehow it seems like she has been here forever and only for a short while all at the same time.  She is our sweet baby girl and we are eating up all the snuggles, coos, and smiles we can get.  Here is what she has been up to the past month...
  • Lily has started to smile.  She smiles when Kevin and I talk and coo at her.  I'm pretty sure she would smile if a complete stranger talked and cooed at her as well.
  • Lily nurses about 6 times a day and takes one bottle from Daddy.  She doesn't like to miss a meal.
  • She takes 3-4 naps a day and sleeps for 4 hour stretches at night.
  • Lily enjoys laying on her playmate and looking in the mirror.  She also enjoys hanging on the rings and talking to the animals.
  • Lily has no choice but to listen to truck books.  Luke chooses books for story time and there is always, always a truck involved.
  • Lily loves sleeping swaddled.  We are thankful she loves her crib as well.
  • A pacifier will soothe Lily pretty well when she is upset and also when she is drifting off to sleep.

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