Random Picture Friday

We have had a pretty busy and fun week, but we are definitely looking forward to another 'warm' (for Iowa) weekend!

P.S. Some of these pictures are a few weeks old because I finally was able to upload Kevin's phone pictures onto the computer!  

Luke can be caught doing this multiple times throughout the day...reading his Bible with his door shut.

Luke usually gets to pick the books read to Lily...Little Blue Truck it is!

Luke wanted to sit in Lily's car seat.

Great-Grandpa Turner and Great-Grandma Turner were able to meet Lily!

Lots of blue for Baby John Newcomer!

The beautiful amaryllis that Diane gave me for Christmas...even more beautiful when it's cold outside.

We have spent lots of time at the zoo this past week and a half.

Daddy reading to Luke and Lily...another tractor book.


Luke showed Daddy around the zoo on MLK Day.

His favorite part...the 'big crane'.

She is getting so big!

Luke helped me make blueberry muffins this morning.  He was very interested in the batter.

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