Treasures from Magnolia Market

If you have been following my blog lately, you already know I had a girl's weekend in Waco, Texas home to Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines.  We visited Magnolia Market and took in the beautiful grounds and did a little shopping.  I picked up a few things I will surely be loving long after the trip is a distant memory.

First up, this yummy smelling candle.  There were many options, but I chose this one because of the pretty blue stamp on the front.  It is the 'summer' scent and even though fall is almost here, I know I will be burning this one often.

There were three different options for mugs at the Market.  I liked all of them, but this was probably my favorite and the most practical option.  I will be sipping peppermint hot chocolate (pregnancy craving) out of this thing all winter long.

In my last post about our trip, I mentioned the garden area.  It truly is immaculate and there is just something magical about the teepee with vines growing up it all around the miniature mushroom stools inside for kids.  They had lots of air plants for sale and I picked this pretty one up along with a small tin watering can to place it in.  My air plant collection is growing.

Probably one of my favorite purchases of the trip was this Waco t-shirt.  I'm really not a go-on-a-trip-buy-a-t-shirt-kind-of-person, but I love the simplicity of this tee and it doesn't hurt that Joanna has worn it on the show a few times.  In this stage of life, t-shirts are pretty much all I wear on the top half of my body, so having a cute one that will stretch with this growing belly makes me happy.

My last purchase isn't pictured.  It's a large white sign with the words 'it's just the nearness of you' scribbled across it.  It sums up how I think about my Kevin and I'm excited to hang it in our bedroom.  

Today I am switching gears and we are hosting our annual Iowa/Iowa State game day baby shower.  We are in the stage of life where there is always a friend pregnant, so we celebrate every year with a baby shower on game day.  My sweet friends started it the year I was pregnant with Luke and the tradition lives on.  

I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you may be today and...GO HAWKEYES!

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