Remembering Grandpa

Grandpa Hasley was a Jesus-loving, card game playing, sand castle building, generous and frugal guy.  He was many things to many people, but he was my Grandpa.  My Grandpa Hasley passed into heaven last Wednesday.  Although I'm going to miss him more than I can even imagine now, I know he is at peace with Jesus. 

I want to honor my Grandpa today as it is Memorial Day.  Not only was he my Grandpa, but he was a war veteran serving here and in France and South Korea in Military Intelligence.  He will forever be a hero to me and my family.

Who was my Grandpa?

My Grandpa Hasley always made time to play a game of Up and Down the River or Dominos with anyone (I mean anyone) who wanted to play.  He was a war veteran that served both overseas and at home for our great country.  He loved his wife, children, and grandchildren and taught us all how to be a family.  He enjoyed donating to various charities, receiving calendars from those charities, and then passing out those calendars to every one of his kids and grandkids at Christmas every. single. year.  (I'm going to miss that.)  He loved to save a dime anyway he could, but was generous to all who knew him.  Grandpa always asked about his grandkids' lives and what they were up to, he loved to hear about our grades and if we were receiving 'A's'.  Grandpa loved his little 'puppy dogs', even the mischievous ones.  But, to sum up my Grandpa in a few words, he was a man of God.  His best friend was Jesus and because he knew the incredible love of Jesus, he was able to love others like Jesus every single day.  His relationship with Jesus was a shining example to all who knew him and there is no doubt in my mind that he is with Jesus now, probably playing a game of Up and Down the River.

I love you, Grandpa, and I look forward to seeing you in heaven one day!


  1. That is such a heartwarming tribute. I love the photos, by the way. They show such a serene, happy face of your grandfather. It's really important to honor our war veterans this Memorial Day, but I think it’s more special to you, especially because that certain war veteran was really a part of your life. All the best! :D
    Jan Dils @ Fight 4 Vets

  2. Those are really touching photos. Just by look at them, I can see your grandfather’s love and emotions spoken through his eyes. Wherever he may be right now, I know he's looking down on you guys and wishing you all the best. With all the memories you had of your grandfather, I’m sure he has taught you a lot of things in life that you practice right now.
    Marcia Sherman @ Comfort Keepers


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