This past weekend Kevin and I spent the weekend in Colorado...more specifically Breckenridge and Fort Collins.  Breckenridge for the hiking and Fort Collins for the breweries.  

We did an awesome hike and also risked our lives for a good view.  We shopped, but didn't buy anything. We ate too much good food and we soaked up the mountain views.  It was a glorious weekend reconnecting with my sweet husband.  

But, we were so, SO ready to come home to our littles.  Luke and Lily did great with both sets of grandparents all weekend, but we missed them like crazy.  We missed them so much, we almost left Fort Collins at 3 in the morning to get home...but then slept a few more hours and left at 6.  That was much more reasonable. 

Here are some pictures from our fun weekend getaway!

A little visit to Gothenburg, NE...hometown of my dear friend, Annie!

Hiking...and hiking...and hiking.

I am married to this guy.

It was a long hike...but so worth it.

Kevin with his pink beer at Funkwerks.

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