Oatmeal cream pies

When I was little my mom would always buy Little Debbie snack cakes.  I loved these and somehow they would always disappear rapidly in our house growing up.  My favorite variety was the Fudge Rounds...they were absolute heaven in a plastic wrapper. 
I spent many afternoons watching Saved By The Bell with a fudge round in my chocolate covered hand.

As I grew older and developed a (ahhhemm), more mature palette, I also enjoyed a good oatmeal cream pie while deviously watching 90210.  My parents didn't approve of the show, but I was more mature...hence the oatmeal cream pies.  

This weekend I decided to make those delicious morsels of my childhood and found a recipe on Pinterest.  These oatmeal cream pies are...amazing.  There is just no other word for them.  Kevin likes them, I like them, and we've eaten wayyyy too many already.  They do take a little time, but are so worth it and sooooo much better than the Little Debbie kind.  If you don't want to take time for the frosting, although I encourage you to do so, the cookies are amazing on their own.  

Tonight I might talk Kevin into a little 90210 with our oatmeal pies, although I have a feeling the North Carolina/Kansas game might trump that little walk down memory lane.


You can get the recipe here.

Happy baking!!

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