We are so thankful!

This was the best Thanksgiving ever.  Kevin and I are so thankful for our healthy little boy and all the family and friends that already love and support Luke.  My family came to Macedonia for turkey dinner this past weekend and we decided to make it a tradition.  It was the first time my sister, Rachael, was able to meet Luke, along with all his cousins.  They thought he was pretty special as they kept on calling him Master Luke all weekend.  I'm pretty sure he was held the entire 48 hours they were here.  The funniest part of the weekend:  I am sitting and feeding Luke under a blanket.  Xavier had come in and out of the room a few times and stared at us curiously.  He asked what I was doing and I told him I was feeding Luke.  He asks, "Do you have a bottle under there or something?"  It was absolutely priceless and I'm sure he is still wondering why we all thought that was so funny.

Thank you to my family for making the trip...we love you!

Meeting Aunt RoRo

We all wrote what we were thankful for on our chalkboard

Silly boys

Mae and Luke

The entire family

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