Sunny Saturdays

Isn't Saturday just the best?  Slow mornings, hot coffee (not warmed up in the microwave seven times), cuddles on the couch, and sometimes even time to catch up on some blog reading.  Saturdays are just a bit sunnier than the other days of the week and the weather has nothing to do with it. 

I thought I would share a few things that make Saturday a little bit sunnier each week.  Hope you enjoy.

The first thing I want to share about is these flowers.  This picture was taken on day nine in a vase.  Yes, day nine.  I love tulips and roses just as much as the next girl, but flowers that last this long have my attention.  After much research, I learned these are Alstroemeria.  I found mine at Sam's for $7.98.  I haven't done anything special, except change the water twice and make sure it is super cold.

March Madness is in full swing and as I write this I am listening to Charles Barkley pick Temple over Iowa.  I am so disappointed in him. (By the way, he was wrong.)  Anyways, I love to fill out a bracket every year, print it off, and highlight my winners.  Kevin rolls his eyes when I print it off, but what can I say, I love paper.

Blue is my color.  My mom doesn't get it.  She has decorated with green her whole life and is confused as to why her oldest daughter has chosen the other side.  I picked up this blanket at World Market last weekend in Kansas City and it is already a favorite.  Kevin didn't think much of it when I got it, but he has used it every morning during his book reading/coffee ritual.

Shiny stainless steel is a guilty pleasure of mine.  It doesn't happen much in this house because, well, I have two toddlers.  But right now they are napping and I shined all my appliances right up.  It will probably last four minutes when my two littles awake from their slumber.  This natural stainless steel cleaner is awesome and I feel good knowing it's safe for my kiddos.

I saved the best for last.  Guys, I am so in love with this book.  Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne is like sugar for me, I am so addicted.  I read it while I was pregnant with Luke and am now picking it up for the second time.  I had forgotten how good it is and how much I love simplifying parenting, as well as everything else in my life.  If you want a good parenting book with a fresh perspective, pick this one up.

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful weekend!

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