What I've Learned

I love being Luke's mommy.  It is the absolute best job in the world and I feel blessed to be able to stay home with our little guy.  In the three and a half weeks Luke has been with us, I have learned so SO much about being a mom to Luke.  
How to type on my laptop with one hand while holding Luke.  ( I started this post like that.)
The best ways to hold Luke to make him comfortable...he likes leaning against my shoulder.
I will learn new things about our little man everyday.
I will always be trying to problem solve something that is happening with Luke.  Right now, it's his sleeping...big shocker.
Things DO NOT always go according to plan.
Good burps are like gold.
I can function with less, much less, than 8 hours of sleep.
I am a lighter sleeper than I thought.
Leftovers taste much better than they ever have before.
Everything Luke does is absolutely precious to Kevin and I, even when it comes to burping and pooping.
Kevin is an amazing daddy.
Everyone tried to tell me how amazing being a parent would be, but I definitely didn't fully understand until I heard that sweet little cry from our Luke.  

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