Jesus Rose

This past weekend we celebrated the work Jesus did on the cross for us.  We spent some great time with family and reflected on the great gift Christ gave us through his suffering and death.  

We made the trip to Cedar Rapids on Saturday to see Hillary, John and Katie, along with Kevin's parents.  I was able to drive a little farther and see my family for a few hours Saturday afternoon.  My brother's family was in town from California.  On Sunday we traveled to Grinnell to go to church with Kevin's grandpa and have lunch with his family.  It was a memorable weekend and I am so thankful we were able to see so many family members.  Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Resurrection rolls with Luke on Friday morning...he kept saying 'Jesus rose'.

Luke's Easter basket

He was pretty excited about this.

Luke giving Lily her Easter basket.

Lily's Easter gift

Fun at John and Hillary's farm

This is what happens when you play on the farm all day.

Lily and I made the trip to see my family for a few hours.

Great-Grandma Hasley and Lily

Great-Grandma Hines, Grandma Kathy, and Lily

A selfie with some of my favorites

Aunt Hillary and Lily Jo

After church picture

Cousin Katie

Great-Grandpa Turner and the kiddos

Love this girl

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