Seven Splendid Months of Lily

Lilies are blooming on the Trail and our Lily Jo is 7 months old today.  This girl makes us laugh daily and her smile is infectious.  Here is what Lily has been up to this month...

  • Lily can almost sit up on her own.  She has taken a couple tumbles lately, but she is getting better and better everyday.
  • She has decided she is not ready to eat solid food.  We have tried numerous different fruits and vegetables, but she turns her head and snaps her mouth shut.  We will keep trying!
  • Lily takes two naps a day and sleeps form 7:00-7:00 at night.  We are thankful she sleeps well.
  • Lily is Luke's biggest fan.  She watches him all day everyday and loves him to pieces.
  • One of Lily's trademarks is wrinkling up her nose.  It's the cutest.
  • Lily can still fit in some 3-6 month clothing, but is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing.
  • Lily loves to chat.  She talks constantly.
  • When you pick up Lily, one of the things she loves to do is stand and bounce.  I keep thinking she will be an early walker, but time will tell.
  • Lily nurses four times a day and takes a bottle of formula at night before bed.  She can down anywhere from 10-12 ounces at before bed.
  • Bath time is still one of Lily's favorite times of day.  She loves splashing with Daddy.

That hair???!!!

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