8 months with Lily

Our sweet thing is 8 months old today.  She is proving to have quite the bubbling personality, differing from Luke's laid back attitude.  Here is what Lily has been up to this past month...

  • Lily is finally eating real food...out of a pouch.  She will gobble down anything out of a pouch, except for sweet potato garbanzo barley, but who wants to eat that?  All the homemade baby food will have to wait, as she prefers sucking her food from a store bought pouch.
  • Lily is still nursing five times a day and takes one bottle before bedtime.  
  • Lily is mostly sleeping through the night.  She had a summer cold a few weeks back and woke up in the middle of the night for awhile.  We are hoping she is back to her all night sleeps.
  • Excitement spreads across her face when Lily sees Luke.  She loves her big brother and enjoys watching all that he is up to.
  • Lily can sit up on her own and has started to scoot around.  Just yesterday she started 'crawling' a little backwards.  This girl is going to be on the move before we know it.
  • Bouncing is one of Lily's favorite things to do.  She doesn't like sitting, but loves to be in your arms bouncing. 
  • Lily has started playing with toys in the bathtub and this is still one of her favorite times with Daddy.
  • We started giving Lily puffs after she eats and she is a fan.  Last weekend she even got one in her mouth on her own.  Now, she thinks she is a pro.

She was definitely eating dirt here.

And she was excited about it.

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