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Summertime is busy, busy, busy.  Blogging has not been my top priority the past few months and I'm okay with that.  Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.  I think I am finally (maybe) caught up.  Have a blessed rest of the weekend!

We were lucky enough to win a silent auction prize that rewarded us with four hours of labor from the Treynor wrestling team.  Kevin used their help to put up the swing set.

Between the field corn and sweet corn.  Luke is such a farm kid.

Claire and Luke on the train at the zoo.  Luke loves trains, but the one at the zoo is a bit loud....and he will tell you about it.

This girl is on the move!

Why can't a trip to Home Depot be fun?  Luke wanted to talk to Papa Gary and Daddy about a new mower after we left.

Chocolate muffins and car watching at Hy-Vee.

Luke isn't too sure about Lily sharing the car with him.

The swing set is up...Luke and Lily have a pretty amazing Daddy.  It took around eight hours to put this puppy together.

Luke's first playdate on the swing set with Amelia.


I was lucky enough to see this guy at his lemonade stand in Ottumwa.

Luke was chugging the lemonade (it was like over 100 degrees).

These three

Meet Baby Larry for the first time...such a sweetie!

 Again...on the move.

Lily had a mini playdate with Tessa.  Aren't they the cutest in their headbands and smiles?

This is the ONLY picture I captured on my phone from the trip to Cedar Rapids to meet Baby David. NOT OKAY!!

Surprise baby Shower for Miss Betsy and her sweet baby girl due to arrive in November.  (Basically a mini M-side basketball reunion.)

Kevin's cousin, Phillip, was here from Germany and Lily just loved hanging with him.

A zoo day with Daddy and Momma's friends.

Kevin took some time off work, so we enjoyed a few hours ALONE at the Quarry.  We are so lucky to have Diane right up the hill ready and willing to watch our kiddos!

How did she get this big?

Mommy and Luke had a mini date to the library and for some reason they were serving ice cream sundaes at 9:00 in the morning...awesome!

Slow down time...

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