Random Picture Friday

I can't believe December is here and there is snow on the ground.  Where did the fall go?  Like every single other person, we have been busy...in a good way.  Here is what we have been up to the past few weeks...

Nicer days that are gone for now...

A trip to Uncle Jeff's bench in Dubuque...we celebrated my cousin, Stacey's, wedding.

I love this picture.  Aunt Hillary and Lily Jo.

She loves the purring kitty.

We made a trip to Iowa City to see Auntie Paige and all we did was stand at this toy stand...the whole time.

She loves mirrors.

Donations from Luke and Lily's party that went to MOHM's Place.

Luke's new thing is a 'cup of cream' from Starbucks.

She is a climber.

We celebrated Baby Henry's baptism.

This girl...

Meeting Baby Eisley...she is the sweetest.

Thanksgiving Crafts

We had a fun Thanksgiving Day.

We chose a freezing cold day to pick out a Christmas tree.

We had a date day! 

Cheering for our Hawks!

Luke loved the snow.

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