Thankful for Grace

Goodness, I love this day.  Lots of food, family, Kevin off work, no presents, just thanks.  AND the fact that it's on Thursday and Kevin takes Friday off...that is just a little piece of heaven.  

I have so much to be thankful for this day.  This year has been fast and hectic and crazy and wonderful.  God has been giving me so much grace through the growing pains of figuring out how to raise two littles.  I have been hard on myself and have, at times, thought about raising the invisible white flag.  God always steps in and give me what I need when I need it.  When I am covered in milk because every sippy cup we have leaks (if anyone has a magic sippy cup that doesn't leak, call me) or I am vacuuming one handed while I hold Lily in the other (it's a workout) or I have put Luke in time out for the hundredth time because he thought it was awesome to show Lily how to climb on a chair or I just yearn for an adult conversation without a child interrupting me...those are the times I ask for patience and lots and lots of grace.  

Although those times are tough, when I sit and reflect on my day after Luke and Lily are in bed at night, I sometimes pinch myself because God is so good.  I love my life and am thankful for all of it.  The good days.  The bad days.  The sippy cups I get to have in my cupboard because I have two littles that need them.  The aching arms I have after vacuuming our main level, because I was able to put a smile on Lily's face.  And the hugs I get after Luke comes out of time out and smiles because he knows I will love him no matter what he does...just as our Heavenly Father loves us.  That is what I am thankful for today and everyday.  Oh, and I get to go on a date with my husband tomorrow...I am super thankful for that!

The good stuff...

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