Grand Cayman

Last week at this time we were in the warm Caribbean sun on Grand Cayman Island.  Words nor pictures will do it justice, but I will try.  

We met Kevin's family down there and had a wonderful time lounging by the pool, exploring the island, and building sand castles on the beach.  Luke LOVED the beach and the pool and I'm surprised we were able to talk him into coming home with us.  All of us but Lily and Hillary came down with some kind of bug while we were there, but that didn't keep us from having fun.  It was a memorable trip with family and I'm so glad we were able to experience it together.  

 We made it to the airport on time.  Kevin is all smiles at 5:00 in the morning.  The kids did pretty awesome on the flights.


Lily's first glimpse.  She was up a bit early on our first morning there and had some talks with the rooster and chickens that wandered the property.

First morning exploring the beach, Luke was so excited.

The kiddos (I mean Papa and Gaga) built many sandcastles.

It was so fun to watch Luke and Katie together.

Driving on the wrong side.

We went to the local fish market and picked up some fresh fish.  It was cool, but really really gross.

We went back to the condo and Kevin made it right up.  It was so yummy!

This girl loved the patio.

Papa Gary put Baby David to sleep like this...what a pro.

Our first sunset dinner.

Goodness, I love this kid.

We explored the island a little and were able to check out some sea turtles.

Best friends??!!

These two were too cute.

Lily was pretty impressed with her first taste of whipped cream.

Luke liked being able to walk around in the kiddie pool.

Lily was a fan as well.  She thought she could walk...

Another sunset dinner.  This place was breathtaking.

Diane and I celebrated our birthdays together.  Kevin made us all a yummy dinner...while he was sick.  He was a trooper!

Starfish Beach was so fun.  Luke really loved it.

David is such a smiley baby.

Oblivious to the pelican behind him.

Six days into our trip and Lily finally didn't scream when we put her feet in the sand.

Date night for Kevin and I.

Friday morning I woke up sick and Luke fell asleep randomly in my arms mid morning.  He NEVER does that.

Why wouldn't we match?

These kids had a great last night together.  They are party animals.

These are the last shots with my DSLR camera.  I lost it on our trip back and it has yet to be found.  I am so sad about this and am praying someone turns it in soon!

Last morning on the beach.  Lily liked her smoothie.

Filling jars to take some sand back to Iowa.

These two are amazing grandparents.  We are so blessed to have them!

This was good.

This was better.

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