Random Picture Friday

Time has gotten away from me and I haven't kept up with this blogging thing.  Here are some pictures from before Christmas and a few recent ones.  Hope you all have a blessed weekend...I am heading to have some girl time with a few dear friends from high school.  I. Cannot. Wait.

Dates with this guy are never dull.

Play-dough and raspberries...what else could you want?

He like the red car.

Ugly sweater party with our Journey Group...love these people!

Before Christmas fun at the library

Luke was slightly obsessed with R2D2

My two main men.

We loved visiting Lauritzen Gardens this Christmas season.

This kid loves his books. 

Mom life

Lily was helping us pack for vacation.

More library fun

This girl oozes joy.

Luke is a fan of his name.

Just a little everyday.

Our little hipster

Muffin man


We love the library.

One of Kevin and I's favorite spot, M's Pub, had a fire the day we returned from vacation.  We are pretty devastated  about the whole thing and are praying they are able to rebuild.  This is the spot we visit every Christmas and also did our last date there before both our babes were born.  We are going to miss it and the people so much.

Girl's Day in the Old Market with my mom and sister.  Usually we would go to M's, but we visited Le Bouillon instead.  

The car thermometer doesn't lie.  Yikes!  This was on the way to church on Sunday morning.

She loves her dolly.

We had some snow this week on the Trail and, despite the cold, we ventured out a couple times.

I realized I don't have many pictures of bath time...Lily's favorite time of the day.  This girl cracks me up.

You should have seen the outtakes.  

 This kid has my heart.

What else are we going to do when it's cold?

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