Random Picture Friday

The weather on the Trail has been all over the place.  Some days we have been able to play outside and some days we have stayed in under cozy blankets.  This weekend I am attending the THRIVE conference at our church (I am so excited) and Kevin is being husband-of-the-year and caring for the kids while I'm away.  I am looking forward to some girl time with some of my favorite girls, all while hearing from some great speakers and having some wonderful worship time.  

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

This girl loves to read on the couch.  She may have seen her brother do this a time or two.

Luke and I decorated the Easter egg tree last week.

The weather was so nice last weekend, we spent as much time outside as possible.

These two.

She always picks out this flower crown to wear.


..........and clothes

She loves books.

Both Luke and Lily enjoy music...so much.

Luke was shouting at me from inside this closet door.

These guys were 'working' together with all of my office work trash.  Luke kept on talking about sending things from 'Utah, California, and Colorado'.  Hmmmmm.

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