Sunny Saturday

This week was good, in a see-a-lot-of-people-do-a-lot-of-things kind of way. Not every week is as jam packed with good things as this one, and I sure do like it that way.  I love the rhythms of lots of things on the calendar one week and not so many on the calendar the next.  I love going and doing and I love staying home, so I try and balance that as much as possible.

Last weekend my awesome better half watched the kids so I could go do a few fun girl things.  I hit up Junkstock in Omaha as well as went to a friend's LuLaRoe party.  I found some things that I wanted to share with you today that made my week a bit sunnier.

First up, this simple, white vase.  As if I needed another vase in my life, but I love the simplicity of white and have been switching my clear, glass vases out for more of the not-see-through-kind.  I have this up on a shelf in my kitchen now and am loving it there.

I am a sucker for pretty cards and Pleasant Avenue Paper didn't disappoint. She was a vendor at Junkstock and I wanted to buy everything, but settled on a few beautiful card sets.  I love sitting down with my fine point Sharpie and scribbling a note to a loved one, and these cards are going to be used fast.

On Sunday I went to my first LuLaRoe party.  All their items were buttery soft and I love the idea of shopping in a friend's home.  This shirt is super soft and comfy and I can even where it now with my belly bulging.  I will probably have to retire it for awhile in a few weeks, but I am going to be sporting it as much as I can until then and will (hopefully) be able to wear it post-baby.

Last up is this beautiful book by Adrianna Adarme I ordered from Amazon.  I have spotted it on a few of my favorite blogs and I just couldn't resist.  The title: The Year of Cozy, just won me over and I have had fun sifting through the pages.  The book is organized by season and month and contains homemade recipes, crafts, and other ideas.  Everything I have seen so far is fun and relatively simple.  And the pictures...stunning.  It is a perfect coffee table book or display book for the kitchen.  After October slows down, I will definitely be picking it up to find something fun to do with or without my kiddos.

This weekend will be spent preparing for some upcoming events including a bon fire at our home and family pictures on Monday.  Fall is just the best.  

Have a Sunny Saturday wherever you are today!

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