Sunny Saturday

Our sweet baby boy is coming soon.  We are being induced this morning and can't wait to meet this little babe!

This week we took it easy with some days in at home.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and my doctor decided to induce because of some tests she ran.  I will share more on that after delivery.  

This week I am sharing a few things that made my last week of pregnancy sunnier.

Up first is something that isn't pictured, but was too exceptional not to share.  My good friend, Carrie, owns a salon in Omaha and set me up with a massage last Friday.  It. was. wonderful.  I was so relaxed and the massage therapist was the sweetest gal to chat with about anything and everything.  If you are in the Omaha area and need a good massage, check out Dark Horse Salon & Spa.  It's the best.

Next is the book I'm reading.  I know, weird.  It is Kevin's favorite book, maybe of all time.  He's read it too many times to count and got giddy about ordering the audio version a few weeks back so he can listen to it in the car anytime he wants.  Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis is a classic that, I think, is one of Lewis' easier to read books.  Now, the imagery and symbolism is a little lost on me at times, but thankfully I have my sweet husband to fill me in on it all.  It's a tale of two princesses and how their friendship and love for one another is intertwined and how they are different in how they perceive the world around them.  That is a pitiful description as there is so much more to this book.  Pick it up, you won't be disappointed.

This amaryllis.  So much beauty.  Luke and I have been observing it for a month and it has been so fun to watch it change and grow on a daily basis.  At first, after we planted it, I was unsure it would do much, but we moved it to a sunnier spot and it has taken off.  It's been an easy way to tie in science with our homeschooling and it's so pretty to look at everyday.  I think it has been waiting to make it's full debut until baby boy is here.

Anyone need a good banana muffin recipe?  These chocolate banana muffins are so so yummy.  The kids and I studied the letter 'M' this week and after reading If You Give a Moose a Muffin, we had to make muffins.  We made them on Tuesday and they were gone by Wednesday, which explains why there isn't a picture of them. The kids had about a third and I ate the rest.  #impregnant  #sopregnant

It seems I am always eating these days.  These delicious caramels have been my saving grace during our days at home this week.  Our sweet Lily girl is two going on three (in nine months), but she is developing quicker than expected. She is opinionated, strong-willed, and as sweet as pie most of the time.  This week there were some, ahem, strong, very strong stances she took and let's just say momma popped these caramels like it was my last lifeline.  They got me through the screaming and the painful tears and the body arching.  I love this little girl with all of me, but I forsee spending a lot of time on my knees for this one.

I hope you have a Sunny Saturday wherever you may be today.  We can't wait to share about our baby boy coming into this world!

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