Newborn Favorites

This week has been a little piece of heaven.  Sunshine, 60 degree days (and then lots of snow...), bubbles outside, baby snuggles, and time with good girlfriends makes life so so good.

Today I'm sharing some things that made my week a bit sunnier and helped me get over Kevin going back to work.  They are most definitely all baby related because we are in the thick of it friends.

First up is the woombie.  A friend let me borrow her's to try out to see if Jude would like it.  Turns out, he is a (mostly) masterful sleeper in this thing.  It has one zipper down the middle with no need to tuck or wrap any fabric and it is utterly fool-proof.  So, when I have to change him in the middle of the night, I absolutely don't have to worry about messing it up. Love.

Next, are these sweet bibs.  My mom ordered them for me from a small shop that I adore.  Head 2 Hiney is run by a momma that lives just a few roads over and I love everything she creates.  These neutral bibs go with everything in Jude's closet, are so soft against his skin and do their job of protecting Jude's clothes from inevitable spit up. 

Kevin gifted me a Fawn Design diaper bag last year for Mother's Day and I love the color of it and the fact that it doesn't look like a diaper bag.  I have been looking for some new ways to organize it, now that I'm carrying twice the stash I was before Jude.  These cute little bags labeled 'Baby Things' and 'Toddler Things' are perfect for helping me know where everything is in my bag. I can grab the 'Baby Things' bag when I change or feed Jude and anything I could possibly need is right in there.

The last thing that made my week sunnier are these lactation cookies. Amazingly, I have never made them before and I learned I have most definitely been missing out!  This recipe is perfection and I had to stop myself from eating more than two when they came out of the oven.  #warmcookiesaremyweakness I am freezing them and looking forward to pulling one out everyday during nap time so Luke and Lily don't scarf them all.  I'm pretty sure most mommas eat cookies during nap time.  Right?

I am thrilled to be home this weekend with my (not so) little family and enjoy time doing nothing but being together and slowing down.  Have a Sunny Saturday, friends!

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