Loving Others Well

A good friend posed a question to me and some other women...how are you letting your light shine?  Her daughter loves 'This Little Light of Mine' and she was asking how we shine our light for Jesus so others can be led to Him.  What a good question to ponder and reflect on from time to time.

When she asked the question, I wasn't sure how to answer.  

What do I do to point my littles and others to Jesus?

As I thought about it most of an afternoon, I had trouble coming up with anything tangible.  We don't volunteer together, we don't have a project we are working on for others, we don't do anything that I could sum up in a text.  And then I panicked.  I panicked for about five minutes because the thought crossed my mind that I don't do anything to 'let my light shine' and point others to Jesus.  

I am a Christian.  I love Jesus and want others to experience the love and relationship I have with Him for themselves...but what do I do to point these people to Him?  

Well, after about five minutes doubting myself and trying to plan how and where our family was going to volunteer tomorrow, God gave me a pretty clear answer. It wasn't an audible answer, but it was as clear as my head is after nine hours of sleep.

You can love others well.  For me.  Everyday.  Wherever you are.

Aha.  Loving others well doesn't only mean volunteering every Wednesday night or collecting canned goods.  It, of course, can and does mean those things, but sometimes I think we (I) think of loving others as something tangible and worthy or impressive that I can snap a photo of and remember or explain in a text.

Loving others can mean sending a card to a friend who is struggling in her marriage or taking a meal to a new mom or calling an old friend just to say you are thinking about her.  

Loving others looks different to everyone in different seasons.

Right now in my season of staying home and raising babies, it means doing what I can, when I can, to help and encourage those around me.  It means being a cheerleader for my friends doing things for the kingdom.  It means taking meals to moms when I can.  It means reading the Bible to my babes and talking to them about how God's love is big and deep and great.  It means sending a friend a note and a Starbucks gift card after a hard week.  It means slowing down and snuggling with my littles on the couch.  It means selflessly loving my husband every. single. day.  It means looking for ways I can make someone else's day better.  It means talking to my toddlers about these things and how love is an action that can point others to Jesus.

Mommas, you can let your light shine in your own home everyday and make kingdom impact.  The work you are doing raising your babies and teaching them about Jesus is your most important work.  You can let your light shine in your home, your playgroups, your MOPS group, your workplace, your school, your friendships...wherever you are.    

You can love others well.  For Him.  Everyday.  Wherever you are.

So, I'm off to grab a pen and a pretty card and think about a good friend, pray for that friend, and write some words that will hopefully put a smile on her face and make her feel loved not just by me, but by Him.  Let your light shine, wherever you are, friends!

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