(Kevin's) Productive Saturday

Kevin has been extremely productive today, however I can't say the same for myself.  I did make mac and cheese (my favorite) and followed Kevin around snapping pictures.
First, Kevin prepared our chalkboard wall.  In order to draw, write, doodle, etc. on the wall, it must be prepped by taking chalk and coloring the entire thing.  This must be done twice, wiping it down with a wet cloth in between.  We still don't know what our first doodle is going to be, but I will keep you updated when Kevin creates a masterpiece.

Next, Kevin put a few coats on the bookshelf in the office.  These bookshelves have been in the house since Kevin's dad was a little boy.  Kevin's dad, Gary, told me that they used to divide the basement for the boys' rooms....I love little stories like that.  They are in good shape and I decided that this bookshelf would be functional in the office, but needed a coat of paint.  Again, Kevin being productive.

Finally, Kevin moved his Grandma and Grandpa's hutch into the 'piano' room.  I know a lot of people don't have hutches anymore, but this is a very special piece of furniture and we feel lucky to have it in our home, besides, where else can you display family china that has been in a box for four years?!  I am blessed to have my Great-Grandma Schutte's Currier and Ives blue and white china.  I haven't had anywhere to display and/or use it these past four years and I am so excited that it finally has a real home in Kevin's Grandma's hutch.  It makes me happy to think about Great-Grandma Schutte and Grandma Gerry and how I get to have a little piece of them in my home.  I only wish they were here to see it.

Cheers to (Kevin's) productive Saturday!

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