I believe everyone possesses talents.  Some people can play an instrument or a sport, others can make a canvas into a masterpiece, still others can discuss assets, liabilities, and derivatives to no avail (this is NOT my talent).  There are other talents that might seem simpler, but I believe that's a lie.  Some people are able to make people laugh, or listen, or have the capacity to be an amazing friend.  All of these unique talents are what make us who we are and many times drive our passions and dreams.  
This past weekend I was blessed enough to have two talented women out to Pioneer Trail.  We all used to share the talent of basketball (they were a bit more talented than I).  We played together in college and have stayed close ever since.  We try and get together every few months to catch up and laugh about what Jamie (our coach) used to wear to games...but that's another post altogether.
On Saturday afternoon Jill and Kayla pulled up our long, gravel driveway to check out the farm and have dinner.  They were able to check out the new kitchen and get a tour of the yards and winery.  After nonstop chatting for about an hour and a half we decided it was gift time.  Every year we make handmade Christmas gifts for each other.  (As I'm sure you figured out, we are a little behind on the gift giving this year, only, um, three months.)  This is one of Kayla's talents.  She is one of the most creative people I know and she always comes up with the most amazing gifts.  This year she made soap, yep, soap.  Cinnamon soap, ginger soap, chamomile soap, lots of pretty little bars of delicious smelling soap.  And of course it was wrapped in this cute little box with our names on the outside.  I can't wait to unwrap a bar and use it...the only problem is going to be deciding which to unwrap first.  

After opening gifts, our stomachs were growling, so it was time for some grub.  This is one of Jill's talents.  Jill completely planned the menu and created salmon with soy glaze, garlic golden potatoes, along with yummy squash and asparagus.  Jill has always been skillful at cooking and constantly tries to make dishes that are delicious and healthy for the waistline.  Dinner was beyond a success and we sat there a little sleepy from all the amazing food we ate.  

After some more chatting and bird watching (not really), we said our good-byes and the girls headed home before dark.  I wish I could say that I got a picture of us all together, but sadly, I failed at this after mentioning it only about a hundred times.  
I feel blessed to have these amazingly talented women in my life and look forward to each and every time I have the pleasure of seeing them...especially when their talents include tasty food and delicious smelling soaps.

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