1 Month

Our little Luke is 1 month old today.  It seems like he has been with us forever, and yet, it's only been one wee little month.  Luke has already amazed us by his little personality and all he can do.  Here is a list of Luke's memorable moments and amazing achievements during his first month of life.

Luke is already a foodie at his young age...he loves nothing more than to eat.  He might be a football player like his Daddy.
Luke has initiated both his Dad and I into parenthood by not getting everything into his diaper.  He seems to like surprising Dad more than me.
Luke has rolled over a few times during tummy time.  We know he isn't doing this on purpose, but it's still fun to watch how strong he is.
Luke loves to look at lights.  The Christmas lights we put up in the living room entertain him for hours minutes on end. 
Luke loves car rides just like every other one month old.  They put him right to sleep.
After much debate about a pacifier, we gave Luke one at 2 weeks.  He loves it, but finds it hard to keep in his mouth and needs Mom or Dad's hand to hold it in at times.
Luke loves to give Daddy kisses, especially when he's really hungry.
Luke is not a good burper.  It might take him 2 minutes or 20 minutes for him to get up a good burp.
Luke loves to listen to books.  It relaxes him so much, he usually is asleep within minutes.
Luke has grown to love his bath time after many not so fun baths the first few weeks.
Luke's favorite place to sleep is on Mom or Dad's chest.  He sleeps in his bassinet at night, but has a hard time sleeping anywhere but with Mom during the day.
Luke is a great snuggler and lover and Kevin and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful little baby.

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