3 month activities with Luke

Luke is almost 4 months old, so I thought it was about time to get up the activities I've been doing with Luke during his 3 months of life.  Below are the fun things Kevin and I do with Luke.  It is amazing how fast babies change, I know it's cliché, but so true.  
  • Sometimes I turn on music on Pandora and dance with Luke.  It's tons of fun for me and Luke kind of likes it, too.
  • I bought a birthing ball when I was pregnant and it has come in handy post-delivery.  Right before Luke goes down for a nap, I put him on the exercise ball, tummy down.  If we don't have the ball out, we do tummy time with him for about 5 minutes and he sometimes rolls over, with the help of the rug.
  • Luke has just started loving peek-a-boo.  This is so fun!  Kevin uses a small piece of fleece to play this game with Luke and he loves it.
  • I use tickle sticks to stimulate Luke.  I say a little rhyme while I tickle his nose, ears, toes, hands, and head.  Sometimes Luke is into it and other days he definitely is not.
  • A mirror is available to Luke during tummy time and play time.  Luke loves the mirror.  Not only does it make him happy (yay), but it helps him focus, track, and learn about what the face can do. 
  • Luke is learning to use both of his hands together.  We have been giving him a basketball to play with (aka put in his mouth).
  • Luke still loves being read to and we continue to use the same books.  Kids love repetition and Luke is no different.  I loved using Eric Carle's books while I was teaching, but I love his books even more now that I'm a mom.
  • Kevin's parents gave Luke a Yoda doll for Valentine's Day (from Star Wars).  Kevin uses his 'Yoda voice' while they play with the toy.  I cannot stress enough how much I love this.
  • We've had some fresh flowers in the house, thanks to Kevin's parents and Kevin's sister.  (Thanks guys!)  I have been taking the opportunity to let Luke smell them as much as possible for some scent stimulation.  
kevin reading to luke

luke and his basketball

our ever changing play basket




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