3 months old

Luke is 3 months old, yes, I know, 3 months.  Ridiculous.  Where has the time gone?  I don't know where it's gone, but I do know that the past 3 months have gone fast.  Our little boy is growing up and doing so many delightful things!  It's hard to be sad about him growing when he's a smiling machine and so much fun!  
Here are some tidbits about Luke at 3 months:

  • Luke can hold his head up and look around.  Not only does he hold his head up, but his legs go up in the air as well.  He likes to do the 'Superman'. 
  • Luke loves to lay under his gym.  He smiles at the lion and gets ahold of the monkey and elephant whenever he can.
  • Luke enjoys books, including, The Very Busy Spider, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry CaterpillarA Wish for You, To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street, and Five Little Monkeys.
  • Luke sleeps swaddled with a pacifier.  He takes three naps during the day and sleeps for about 6 straight hours at night.  He is a crabby kid if he doesn't get his rest.
  • Luke smiles when he's talked to, especially if Daddy is making crazy, silly noises.
  • Luke has discovered his hands.  He can put them in his mouth, and sometimes just stares at him with wonder.  
  • Luke can hold onto a rattle or stick for a few seconds, but still doesn't know what to do with them, yet.
  • Luke takes a bottle from Dad at night and eats almost 6 ounces.
  • Luke wears cloth diapers during the day and at night, unless we go into 'town' for awhile.
  • Luke still loves bath time.  I think he would stay in there for an hour if we let him.  It is a special time for Luke and Daddy.
  • Luke looks at himself in the mirror when he's under his play gym.  He has started to smile at himself, which is just so darn cute.
  • Luke adores looking at our living room fan.  I don't know what it is about that fan, be he could look at it for hours.
  • Luke likes getting walked around the house.  Daddy always does this with him and takes him our closet to smell Mommy and Daddy's clothes.  (One day I walked into the bedroom while Kevin was doing this and I was like, 'what are you doing???!'  He turned around and Luke had a smile on his face, so I guess he enjoys the smell of Mom and Dad!)
Luke is such a happy boy and it's amazing to watch him learn and grow each day.  Hopefully the next 3 months will go by a little slower, but I have a feeling it's not going to happen.

luke loves his daddy

i could kiss this kid all day

sporting a tie like daddy

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