Visit from Great Aunt Gerianne

Last Friday Kevin's mom and Aunt Gerianne came over for lunch.  It was great to see them and they loved getting to spend some time with Luke.  

Luke completely hammed it up for this lunch date.  He always thinks he is the star of the show, but on this particular day, he took it up a notch.  During lunch he smiled his biggest smile at Gerianne; peas, pasta salad, and all, and Gerianne smiled right back.  That was his cue that Aunt Gerianne was going to play with him and, boy, did he take advantage.  He then started this cocking his head to the side thing and grinning from ear to ear.  It was pretty fun for Luke, especially because Gerianne mimicked him.  Luke thought this was the best game ever!  He would cock his head, Gerianne would cock her head, Luke would cock his head, all the while I was trying to grab some pictures of this adorable interaction.  The game finally ended when lunch was over and it was time to play on the floor.

the start of 'the game'

Luke showed off his throwing and climbing skills.  Gerianne then read him a book she brought him for his 9 month birthday...Curious George and the Puppies.  This book is a perfect gift from Aunt Gerianne because she is married to George and Gerianne trains dogs.  It was so thoughtful!  Luke cuddled right up to her and sucked on his two fingers while she told the story.  It was so sweet and I'm so happy I got to witness this perfect little afternoon.  

We are so blessed to have so many people that love our little guy and take time to visit.  Thanks Great Aunt Gerianne and Grandma Diane for spending the afternoon with us!

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