Luke is 9 months!

Luke is one old baby...he has passed the 9 month mark!  This post is a little late, as this summer just keeps getting busier and busier.  Here is what Luke has been up to this past month:

  • Luke continues to sleep twelve hours at night and takes a morning and afternoon nap.  He enjoys his zzzz's!
  • Eating is one of Luke's favorite things.  He eats whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating as finger foods.  He loves feeding himself.
  • Luke is on the move!  He is crawling everywhere and can even pull himself up to the standing position.  He thinks he is big stuff.
  • Luke loves pool time, his 'new-to-Luke' (which means hand-me-down) trucks and xylophone, and his legos.
  • Luke's favorite thing to do is grunt.  He grunts to get our attention, he grunts when he takes a big bite of food, he grunts at random strangers.  It's his thing. Oh yeah, and he's grunting at random strangers because he thinks everyone should ogle over him the way Mom and Dad do.
  • Luke eats just like his Daddy eats popcorn...by the fist full.
  • Hair is sprouting from the top of Luke's head.  He isn't going to be a baldy for life after all.
  • Luke enjoys throwing...balls, toys, paper, food, pretty much anything.

Our little two-finger Luke is growing up so fast and as much as I love to watch him learn and grow, I just wish time would go a bit slower!

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  1. LOL! He looks so tiny in the corn field! He is just getting cuter every day!


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