TOP 10 Toys for the 1st Year

Luke has passed his one year milestone and I thought I would share Luke's top 10 toys from the past year.  My benchmark was this and this alone: These are toys Luke actually played with on his own and enjoyed time after time for more than a few seconds.

To preface this post, Kevin and I are not big 'stuff people', so Luke doesn't have a playroom full of goodies.  He has a small pile of toys next to our couch in the living room in baskets and buckets that I rotate in and out.  When toys are out, they are out of sight and in a closet.  I think this keeps things fresh and let's Luke explore an 'old friend' all over again when it returns from the closet.  I rotate the books as well, but keep a few favorites out all the time.  Many of the toys you will see here are similar to Luke's favorites, but not the exact replica. Many of his toys are 'hand me downs' and no longer made, but I have included similar toys found on Amazon.  All of the prices listed are prices I found on Amazon.

Here we go...Luke's TOP 10 toys for the 1st year!

Melissa & Doug Wooden ABC Blocks
click here to find...luke loves these blocks and so do all his friends that come to play!

Earlyears Lil Shopper Playset
click here to find...this food set is so cute and luke has spent hours exploring the textures on sounds

Vtech sit to stand learning walker OR any walker
click here to find...we are borrowing this walker from some friends and boy does luke love pushing it around; personally i think he would love any walker you would put in front of him

DIY Sensory Bottles
FREE with items from home
click here to find...make these sensory bottles. they are cheap and easy and your child will love them; mine did.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home Playset
click here to find...this toy is a bit pricey at $115 on amazon, but search second hand shops. this is, by far, the most used toy in our home!


  1. I think we bought 3 of the toys on his list, so glad they are some of his favorites!


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