Random Picture Friday

Woohooo...the weekend is here!  I don't know about you, but I am ready for it!  Luke and I had a fun week, but it was also a bit exhausting.  We are ready for some downtime with Daddy and maybe a swim at the Quarry.  Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Luke and Amelia last weekend...this will be displayed at their high school graduations.  It is already a classic.

Waiting to go to church.

Luke was giving Abel a stick to play with.

We made a trip to Des Moines to see Paige and Coop.  Since my car was in the shop, Kevin let me borrow his for the day.  Thanks, sweetie!  And a BIG thank you to Paige for taking the day off!

Auntie Paige and Luke

This wading pool was perfect for Luke and Coop.

Joslyn came over to help with Luke on Thursday, she is so great with our little man.

Luke at the zoo, we were happy to get out since we had our car back!

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