We had a great Halloween, despite the cold temperature.  Luke was a truck driver this year, and he sure pulled the look off.  He is obsessed with cars, trucks, tractors and anything with wheels, so we thought it fit.  

We started the night off trick-or-treating with our friends, Todd, Kara, and Amelia, and then headed to Gary and Diane's for a soup dinner.  Luke's Great-Aunt Gerianne came over to see him all dressed up as well and we had a fun night watching Luke play trucks and try to get Diane's little ghost to go off by stomping his foot.  

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

Kevin drew on that mustache.  That is my Uncle Jeff's hat.  He passed away right after Luke was born.  We miss him.  Luke sure loved wearing his hat!  

This is the best picture I could get of these two.

At the church trunk or treat.

Family picture

Grandma Diane (GaGa) and Grandpa Gary (Papa)

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