Random Picture Friday

Last week we were playing outside in 50 degree weather and this week we have almost a foot of snow on the ground.  Weather on the Trail is unpredictable.  A few snow days meant some extra time with Kevin at home, which is always nice.  

I am looking forward to a nice, calm weekend at home.  Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

We looked over one night and Luke had my Bible out 'reading' it.

Papa Jeff and Luke about to head out into the snow.

Luke and Daddy plowing the snow.

Papa and Lily Jo

Kayla and I with, Jill, the bride-to-be at her wedding shower this past weekend.

Finally trying out the sled Papa Gary and Grandma Diane gave him for Christmas!

GaGa Kathy and Luke playing on the snow day.

Luke kept saying, 'Nigh-night GaGa'.

He is a fan of getting items out of the pantry.

Luke eating chicken chili from my friend, Annie...what??!!

When he's in the mood, Luke loves to help Mommy.

Reading with Daddy on a snow day.

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