Random Picture Friday/Valentine's Day Weekend

All of my pictures this week are from last weekend.  Kevin and I took the kids for a family date Saturday morning, and then my parents brought my Grandma Hines over from Dubuque, Iowa to meet Lily Jo.  It was a memorable weekend filled with lots of playtime and snuggles.  Kevin and I even snuck away for a few hours for a date.  This weekend will be a bit more low key, which is just fine.  Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Luke's first donut (Valentine style) at Winchell's in Omaha

We braved the cold for some jungle and aquarium fun at the zoo.

How cute is this one?

Great-GaGa Hines playing puzzles with Luke.

Snuggles with Lily

We were baby-less for a few hours! 

Four generations of ladies

It was so great to spend so much time with my Grandma!

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