Lily Jo is 3 months

Our sweet baby girl is 3 months old.  Where does the time go?  She is proving to be quite the happy and fun baby and we are treasuring every moment.  Here is what our Lily Jo has been up to this month...

  • Lily is one smiley baby.  She smiles when Kevin and I talk to her and read her books.  Her favorite game is pat-a-cake.  She is working really hard to laugh.
  • Lily nurses 5 times a day and takes one bottle from Daddy at night.  She still spits up...a lot. 
  • She takes one morning nap and one afternoon nap a day for around 2-4 hours each.  Sometimes there is a third nap in there as well.  Lily's longest stretch of sleep at night is around 5-6 hours.  We are hoping that improves with time.
  • Lily sleeps swaddled with a pacifier.   
  • Lily is officially out of the 'newborn phase'.  She isn't able to sleep as well on the go anymore.
  • Lily's favorite books are 'The Very Busy Spider' and 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear'.  She gets excited when we pull these out to read to her. 
  • We had Lily's 2 month well visit on January 21.  She weighed in at 11 pounds 11 ounces (44.99%), was 24 inches long (92%), and her head circumference was 41.3 centimeters (98%).  I guess our kids are going to have big heads.  

Lily at 2 months
Lily at 1 month
Lily Jo Forristall

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