Half way to one year

How did we get here so quickly?  Lily is half way to being one year old.  I was hoping time would go a little slower this time around.  We have enjoyed this little bundle immensely and can't get enough of her smiles and giggles.  Here is what Lily Jo has been up to the past month...

  • Hands down, Lily's favorite time of day is bath time.  She loves hanging in the warm water and splashing with her feet.
  • Some of you might have noticed, but Lily has a bit of red in her hair.  She is getting more and more of it and her 'bald spot' in the back is slowly disappearing.
  • Lily sleeps around 7:30-7:30 at night, give or take an hour.  This has changed our lives!  We are so happy she is sleeping well these days.  
  • Lily isn't too sure about food from a spoon, yet.  She has 'tried' avocado and cereal, but gives us a pretty funny face when we try to put the spoon in her mouth.  I'm not quite sure she is ready just yet, but I will keep trying.
  • Lily took her first plane rides this month.  Considering we had a few delayed flights on the way out to California, she did great.
  • It was definitely a month of firsts for Lily...she saw the ocean for the first time.  She wasn't too impressed, but loved trying to shove sand in her mouth.
  • Lily is working hard on trying to sit up.  She sits in her Bumbo often, but hasn't quite mastered sitting by herself, yet.
  • Luke loves to 'cuddle' with Lily and Lily sure doesn't mind.  She gets a big smile on her face whenever Luke is around and gives her attention.
  • Lily loves having Daddy around at night and on weekends.  She bats her baby blues at him and giggles and coos when he talks to her.  She loves her Daddy.
  • Lily still nurses four times a day and receives a bottle before she goes to bed at night.  It's amazing how much this girl can put down when we give her a bottle!
  • At Lily's 6 month well visit she weighed in at 15 pounds 10 ounces (38th percentile), was 25.5 inches long (33rd percentile) and her head was 44.5 centimeters (95th percentile).  

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