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I remember last spring when my Dad told me that my Grandpa wasn't doing so well.  I remember thinking that my Grandpa has lived a long, Jesus-loving life and God is probably calling him home.  
I remember being happy that he would be going home to be with Jesus.  
I remember feeling sad because I wanted him to stay a little longer with us.  
I remember thinking he is never going to meet my daughter, his first biological great-granddaughter.
I remember the way my Grandma looked when I hugged her for the first time after Grandpa passed.
I remember my siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and home church friends gathering to celebrate the life my Grandpa lived.
I remember my Dad talking about my Grandpa, his Dad, at the service and how I thought God led him with his words, because he painted a perfect picture of who my Grandpa was and how he lives on in his family.
I remember the 21-gun salute at the gravesite and the way the cold shell felt in my hand.
I remember the bugle call and how sobering it was on that spring day.

But, these days when I think of my Grandpa...

I remember building sand castles with him at Lake Rathbun when I was young.
I remember riding in his RV to Florida and all around the state of Iowa in the summertime.
I remember anxiously awaiting my report card to see how many A's I was able to tell Grandpa about.
I remember calling Grandpa (and Grandma) from college when I was having a rough time and asking them to pray with me and they so lovingly did.
I remember Grandpa telling stories of his life; from his time spent in the service to selling insurance to his travels during retirement.  
I remember Kevin and Grandpa using every trick in the book to try and beat Grandma and I at Up and Down the River (but it didn't happen very often).
I remember Grandpa giving a toast at our wedding and how there wasn't a dry eye in the house.
I remember Grandma and Grandpa dancing at our wedding and how I prayed Kevin and I would be so blessed to have a love like their love.
I remember Grandpa asking Grandma to kiss him numerous times at weddings and family get togethers and how it never got old.
I remember Grandpa loving our little Luke and how excited he got every chance he saw him.
I remember my Grandpa this Memorial Day weekend and think of him often when I catch a glimpse of something beautiful outside...the sun peaking through the trees, a sweet smelling flower with leftover drops of rain, or a fresh, spring breeze floating through the air.  I'm not sure why these things remind me of him, but maybe because Grandpa is helping me to see the good stuff that surrounds me everyday and is challenging me to live a life that notices and celebrates the simple things that God gave us to enjoy with the ones we love.  

I love you and miss you, Grandpa.

Remembering Grandpa

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