Bathroom Refresh

A few weeks back Kevin and I finished our master bathroom refresh.

It started out as an uninspired, somewhat dated, somewhat dirty and somewhat boring bathroom.  It is now a bathroom I actually use (I was using the guest/kid bath for a long time).  It is as clean and bright as we could make it with the limited budget we wanted to spend.

Here is what we did to accomplish the refresh:

  • Change out brass light fixtures.
  • Spray paint all the hardware on the vanity and elsewhere using Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.
  • Change out sink faucet and handles.
  • Change out shower head and handle.
  • Paint grout on floor and in shower.  (This was a project!)
  • Update towels.
  • Update walls.
I was motivated to do this refresh after reading the book The Nesting Place.  I tried to do as much as I could myself, but there were things a girl like me just can't do...like change out the fixtures.  My sweet hubby took on those tasks and he was a trooper and I owe him big time for his hard work. (Love you!)

This refresh took about a month and a half, mostly because I jumped the gun and got started without talking to Kevin about it...oops.  He didn't have time until later in the month to work on his projects.  This could probably be a weekend project if you cleared your calendar and got serious.

We now have a bathroom I really like and is imperfectly great for right now.  Luke loves to tell me 'Mommy use Daddy's shower' every time I go into that bathroom.  It's not just Daddy's shower, anymore.



An inspiring print when 'Luke was in my belly' in Cozumel.

Kevin is my hero.  This rain shower is perfection.

Love these IKEA towels.  If you live in the Omaha area...Omaha Modern will pick them up for you at IKEA.  How awesome is that?  The earring display is a frame with no glass and a piece of burlap stapled on the inside.  Eeeeasy.

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