Lily is 9 months

Our sweet girl is 9 months old today.  How can that be?  We love her to pieces and can't believe how time is flying!  Here is what Lily Jo has been up to this month...

  • Top news this month...Lily is crawling, pulling herself up, drinking from a straw, and she got her first tooth!  She is getting so big, so fast.
  • Lily loves to eat.  She will such a baby food pouch down quicker than I ever thought possible.  She also loves to stuff her mouth with puffs and yogurt.  We are working on 'big people food' every now and then.
  • Lily nurses four times a day and takes a bottle at night.  She is becoming less interested in nursing as time goes on.
  • Lily loves playing with anything that Luke is playing with.  This has become quite the challenge lately.
  • Swinging is one of Lily's favorite things to do.  Luke is so good to share his swing with her.
  • Bath time with Daddy is one of her favorite times of day.  She loves tasting all of the bath toys.
  • Lily takes two naps during the day and sleeps from around 7-7 at night.  Her best nap of the day is her afternoon nap.
  • Lily loves watching Abel out the window.  She shows a lot of interest in animals.

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