Fun with the Hughes

Last week was so. much. fun.  Kevin's sister and her two babes were in town for the week and John joined them on Thursday. We hit up the zoo, the Children's Museum, took some cousin pictures, and even celebrated Miss Kathryn's second birthday.  It was such an awesome week and reminded me why God gave us family.  Kevin and I are blessed with families that spend time together and love one another.  I can't wait until another week with these people!

This is what happens when you try to get four kids under three to take a picture...

Grandma and Grandpa sure help to get a good shot.

Hillary and Baby David...those overalls!!

I love this one!

And this one!

AND this one...

Eating at Grandma and Grandpa's new kid's table

The best picture I took at the zoo of these two.  They were having fun.

Riding the train at the Children's Museum

Great Grandpa Turner and Lily at Katie's 2nd birthday party

Daddy and the birthday girl

 The cuteness...

Luke LOVED this cake!

Luke chowing down on the 'happy birthday cake'.  

All the kiddos

She is everywhere!

Donia Days parade

Hot tub fun before a storm

Katie, the princess

Luke loved mowing Grandma and Grandpa's yard.

Daddy and Luke at the parade

Uncle Kevin/Daddy is the best. (I might be bias.)

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