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Another week has come and gone and we had a good one.  How about this beautiful weather Iowa and Nebraska friends??

Lily rooting on the Hawks in their big win against Wisconsin.

Two of my favorites.

Helping me make muffins...check out Lily sorting things in the pantry.

Enjoying one of the nice days.  Luke was trying so hard to pull Lily in the wagon.

Last week we celebrated Kevin's birthday.  It has been his birthday ever since...at least to Luke.  Kevin had a LOT of candles on his cake this year.  ;)

I love this picture.


Time freeze, please.

Kevin going on a scavenger hunt with the kids on his birthday.

Luke helped me make jam.  He loved mashing the raspberries.

And tasting the finished product.

I promise you, we do get dressed...some days.

Harvest time is here!

Lucky Luke. On our way home from church on Sunday the Lewis Central Fire Department was having an open house.  Luke was in heaven.

This girl is getting big...fast.

 Some park play time with Daddy.

Some shots of our 'everyday'.

Dittmar's Orchard with Claire and Miss BobbiAnn.

We came home to combines in the field!

Lily' and I's first combine ride.

Luke's little piece of heaven.

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