1 month until 1 year

How can we be so close to Lily's first birthday?  This first year with Lily in our family has been one of the fastest ones of my life.  She is growing quickly into a little girl and Kevin and I wish time would just slow down a bit.  Here is what this girl has been up to this month:

  • Lily has started to eat table food.  She usually eats whatever we are eating, mashed up, of course.  
  • Lily uses the walker from time to time to get around.  Sometimes she loves it and other times she just wants to crawl.  Either way, she is fast.
  • Lily is a cheeser.  She loves to ham it up for family, strangers, and the camera.
  • Lily sucks her thumb to soothe herself.  It's probably the cutest thing.
  • Lily gets worked up quickly.  One minute she is happy as a clam, the next she is having  a meltdown.
  • Lily's nighttime routine is Lily and Daddy's special time of the day.  They get some important one on one time then.
  • Luke and Lily are learning how to live and play together.  There are stolen toys and tears some days (okay, everyday), but the times Lily laughs at Luke and Luke leans over to kiss her or says 'Lily Jo'...those are moments perfect, special moments.
  • Lily nurses between three to four times a day and takes a bottle at night from Kevin.  
  • Lily takes two naps a day and sleeps from about 7:30-7:30 at night.  Some nights Lily wakes up a time or two and wants a cuddle.

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